Policy our responsibilities are as follows: 
– Ensure items are delivered within 48 hours of Payment Recieved. 
– Ensure leveling services are done within the time period posted for each separate leveling service, after we recieve your payment. 
– Ensure the correct items are delivered. 
– Items will usually be delivered via email, to your paypal email address.Note that what you are buying is a service fee. 
– When paypal is used as a payment option, we require the buyer’s paypal account to be: verified, with confirmed shipping address. In case where you do not meet these requirements, your payment will be refunded and no items will be shipped to you.
When you are buying from D2VDM.com , you are paying for the time we have spent acquiring the virtual items and delivering them on a mule account for you. This service is not refundable, nor exchangeable and cannot be canceled.

Method of Delivery

The item(s) will be placed on a mule account and an email containing the “Account Name” and “Password” will be sent to the buyer’s PayPal E-Mail address within 48 hours of when the payment is received. The item(s) is considered delivered once the email containing the “Account Name” and “Password” of the mule account is sent to the buyer. 

We accept Paypal and Western Union ( For WU Payment , please contact us so we can explain what you have to do and where to send the payment ). We reserve the right to cancel any purchase for any reasons at all and refund the money you have sent. 

D2VDM.com is not responsible for anything that happens to you, your accounts, and/or your items after the delivery email is sent to you. This includes but is not limited to the items being lost, deleted, or altered after we have transferred it. 
We do not offer refund for items bought on the wrong realm. We do not replace items.
When making a purchase on our site you agree to our terms and conditions which are under: “Terms of Use”, “Disclaimer”, “Privacy policy” & “FAQ” sections of our site.